Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • Aah_GC
    07-09 02:11 PM
    You cannot ask for an interim card by or before September 10th as you finish your 90 days of application only by September 23rd (and you might actually get your card by that time). What you should do if you don't receive your EAD by the mid of August is to take an infopass appointment and request them to speed up your process. Be genuinely sincere and explain your case. If you are lucky they might either issue you an interim card or might just get NSC to speed up your application.

    My take is you will receive your card by the end of August at the very least. So don't worry.

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  • Templarian
    08-25 09:01 PM
    Hmm... pwned person... http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/6388/boomheadshotrv3.gif

    and by the way Templarian Kalamazoo isn't too far away, I live there.You plan on going to wmu? (depending on your age)

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  • samswas
    05-05 09:09 AM
    Thank you Krishna!

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  • tikka
    05-29 09:08 PM
    Donot forget to send the webfax :)


    2750 web faxes have been sent! we are trying to get to 3,000.:)


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-16 05:03 PM
    i don't see july processing times...it still shows june times.

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  • marlo
    07-18 12:03 AM
    interesting to note the arrests did not matter.


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  • rajuram
    11-04 09:19 PM
    I don't think that is possible......unless you filed it and it got returned...

    Situation - During the month of July, I filed my 485 when all categories were current. Got my receipt too. Missed wife's application because her papers were not ready. Now priority dates have retrogressed again.

    Saving grace - Our H1/H4 are in order with many long years left on them.

    Question - Can I file my wife 485 now as a dependent, even though "my" PD is not current yet. The core point is that, does the concept of PD applies to the dependent 485 applications too?

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  • somegchuh
    10-30 05:17 PM
    [Apologies for the cross-post]
    Since there are lot of ppl here who have had EAD/AP for years ...
    Do you know if USCIS lets you petition for renewal of EAD/AP only 4 months before expiry? Our legal assistant says that they can not apply for renewal until its 4 months to expiry. I was under the impression that we could apply six months in advance. Can someone post a USCIS link that provides a definitive answer?



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  • wandmaker
    10-29 12:43 PM
    If a person on H4 applies for EAD, does it mean his/her H4 is no longer active. And now, he needs to carry AP while traveling?

    Please help...

    Applying for EAD does not invalidate your H4 status. If you travel outside USA without AP and you don't have a valid H4 stamp on your passport, It is considered abandoning your AOS. Hope this helps.

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  • snathan
    05-25 01:48 PM
    Search the forum, it full of post where people has called SNATHAN a MORON

    now I am not saying so... he might not be a MORON but then why most of people call him so ??

    Welcome back PlainSpeak...aka Poornima,

    Jet flyer is waiting for you...

    Its time for IV to ban your IP....you know the dog's tail.


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  • indyanguy
    10-17 06:48 PM
    If you open a company on EAD, you are eligible for any positions that pay by W2 right?

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  • chanduv23
    09-09 03:14 PM



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  • gjoe
    05-01 10:44 AM
    someone just woke up after 8 months, now asking the agenda, not willing to spare a penny or bring in energy, but wants an "update" about the date & time he will get his GC in mail. Is that something new, NO, its been a consistent behavior, that's why I never liked gjoe.

    I didn't want an update. I know what is going on and also when we will get our GC. I just wanted to make you realize that your goals and actions are not in sync. I hope you understand what that means.
    My penny and energy are invested in the right place were the returns are in propotion :)

    Good luck to you and all.

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  • eucalyptus.mp
    02-17 11:28 AM
    Ok ..
    Now I dont want to change my employer .
    But my employer doent pay when I am on bench . So I may not having paystubs after March .
    Will it cause any problem to H1 extention ?


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  • looneytunezez
    08-19 08:04 PM
    i would recommend renewing your passport here in the US before travelling as they recommend over 6 month validity.
    Usually takes 2-3 weeks, but you might be able to emergency rush processing as you are already travelling.

    when you get ur new passport, it will say that your h1b stamping is still valid, so you can present both passports on POE.



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  • Gundark
    08-26 11:40 AM
    Thanks guys! It was fun making somebody else's idea, I never would have thought of making a Sonic smiley.

    We need more suggestions!


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  • payur
    09-04 12:12 PM
    Fellows in pain ...

    It's been horribly long 10 years and many complications along the way but my journey seemed to have reached the end. This morning I got a magically enchanted email:

    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    I am still at awe and can't believe ... probably will never do until I get the physical card.

    For those interested:
    EB3 ROW - Dec 2004 (first application was April 2001)
    I filed 765 and 485 in June of this year


    I remember you because you created the "June 1st filers - receipt " thread.

    I hope many approvals come soon.

    I would appreciate detailed signature will help us.

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  • kaisersose
    05-08 02:53 PM
    05/08/2008: Fashion Model Nonimmigrant Visa Reclassification and Relief Legislation Inching Ahead - 05/08/2008 Mark-Up

    * Currently, foreign fashion models come to work in the U.S. under the nonimmigrant visa classification of H-1B. A legislative bill , H.R. 4080, was introduced last December in the House to reclassify the visa classification from H-1B to P visas for artists and athlets. This morning, the House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee is scheduled to debate 9:30 a.m. on this bill and it is expected that this bill will move ahead to the House floor. For the full text of the bill, please click the bill number.

    My opinion:

    Well, can the Java Programmer walk the ramp and pull it off like a professional model? Their work is a lot harder than it appears on the outside taking into account the success rate among models. Considering that even school kids can write excellent java programs, if we still want to consider the Java programmer as "highly skilled", then so are models.

    Giselle Bundchen is worth half a billion dollars or somewhere in that range.

    Btw, I am in the programming line myself in case someone thinks I have a problem with programmers. But I wouldn't mind swapping places with a successful model ;)

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  • Sunny_Bhaaji
    12-28 12:44 AM
    RFE for I-140

    I had applied for I-140 Dec last year(2006) EB3 and was checking for update and found that an RFE has been sent on Dec 12. To whom is RFE sent....My company had done all the paperwork...is it to our company lawyer or me....Please advise

    06-27 02:57 PM
    My OPT EAD A# and I-140 A# are different.

    When filling the forms, use the A# number from your I-140, if available. If not, fill with "None". Do not leave it blank. When my attorney filed my I-140 papers, they filled "None" for A#. Later after I-140 approval when they filed for my H1B renewal, they used the A#.

    From what I know, in case you don't have an approved I-140 and hence an A#, you will be assigned one with the I-485 receipt. Therefore, in my opinion, you should NOT use your OPT EAD A# for the I-485 and related forms.

    PD: Feb 2006, EB2, India
    I-140 AD: June 2006
    Filing I-485, I-765, etc: July 2007

    02-23 02:17 PM
    I dont think economy is THAT bad.

    It is in fact going through the worst ever phase!


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