Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Al Olive-Dream-2010

Artist.......: Al Olive
Title........: Dream
Label........: CDBaby
Release.Type.: Album
Genre........: Soul
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME 3.98.4 -V 0
Quality......: 226 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2010-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2011-00-00
Year.........: 2010
Tracks.......: 12
Playtime.....: 0h 50min Total
Size.........: 81.56 MB

Release Notes

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Al Olive’s Dream is a romantic, soulful journey imbued with the timeless qualities soul fans associate with Luther at the height of his powers. Much has been said about Al’s similarity to Mr Vandross and, while it would be churlish not to acknowledge the influence the great man has had on Al’s artistic development, Dream, with its adherence to old-school musical values, is undoubtedly not a simple facsimile of past classics; it’s a collection of timeless soul that stands out from the crowd by the virtue of its honesty, simplicity and straight-forward romanticism, not to mention a soul voice that deserves to be talked about in the same breath as heroes such as Ron Isley, Howard Hewitt, Will Downing and, of course, Luther Vandross.
The album kicks off with the delightful Slow Down, one of 2010’s most surprising soul cuts. Coming off like a cross between My Sensitivity and Any Love, Al effortlessly croons his way through a track that celebrates the nervousness that accompanies the first flush of attraction. Al is that rare breed of soul singer able to incorporate sensitivity, masculinity and romance into a coherent and believable performance. Dream may be Al’s first solo album, but it draws on fifteen years professional singing experience to deliver a mature collection for true soul lovers.



01.  Slow Down                                                    4:11
02.  Do It Again                                                  4:22
03.  Dream                                                        3:57
04.  There For You                                                3:56
05.  Beautiful Stranger                                           3:53
06.  Never                                                        4:28
07.  L.O.V.E                                                      4:16
08.  Easy Smile                                                   3:57
09.  Heart Ache                                                   3:58
10.  Fall In Love Again                                           4:15
11.  Bye Bye                                                      4:11
12.  Slow Down (Remix)                                            4:47



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