Thursday, June 2, 2011

Britney Spears BS Claim is BS Itself

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has a feature on her official site that calls out many of the fake stories printed about her by celebrity gossip publications. It's actually pretty funny.

Is she the one who's spreading bull$h!t stories this time, though?

E! News confirmed twice that Britney Spears was at a b-day party Saturday for hotel owner pal Phil Maloof, despite the story being tagged "bulls#!t" on her site.

Maloof's rep also confirmed it, saying: "Phil thanks Britney Spears and all his friends and supporters of Black Star Beer for celebrating with him on Saturday night."

This after her manager, Adam Leber, posted: "Brit went to Disneyland this weekend - not to a party in Hollywood! See who's reporting BS," on her Twitter.

Since the original story, sources have confirmed that the superstar was ushered in by security from an entrance on Argyle Street and set up shop in the VIP area.

Why the lies, Team Britney? Because E! reported that Spears showed up at Maloof's shindig with an unidentified gentleman who was not boyfriend Jason Trawick?

As for the Disneyland story? She was there, alright ... on Mother's Day, a week earlier. Not that anything bad happened at the party. Papa Jamie was there too.

In any case, come on Britney. Enough with the BS BS.


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